About Sound for Sight


Jeremy Vine and Laura Westcott

Sound for Sight is a unique fundraising gala held on World Sight Day. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for sight loss conditions through the power of live music. 

Sound for Sight was created by the CEO of Soundcheque and former PR Manager for The Times, Laura Westcott, after discovering her friend, Yvette Chivers, has Retinitis Pigementosa (RP). Laura decided to spend one week wearing pinhole vision glasses to raise awareness and funds sight loss. 

Laura finished her challenge with a concert on World Sight Day, hosted by Jeremy Vine with performances from established performers and emerging artists from Soundcheque

The audience can wear pin-hole glasses during the show to get a brief insight into what it’s like to live with sight loss, and also to heighten the live music experience.

Dates for 2017 coming soon….

To be involved, email us: info@soundcheque.com


Watch Laura’s “blind” challenge